Onboarding Checklist


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After 4 hours on a plan from California back to Sugar Land, Texas, writing every possible process within my on-boarding system, many books on customer service, then several iterations and improvements over the past 4 years, I have been able to create a process and series of emails that puts my company in the best light from the very beginning.

Once you’ve gotten a signed contract and your first deposit, communication can end now. This when it becomes more important that your sales funnel. This is when you can make or break your business. Obviously, with happy customers who feel appreciated, understand the next steps, and are not confused, you have a better chance of having a customer that is willing to work with you and not disappear.

It’s detailed and includes things like:

  • 22 email templates you can send after they say yes.
  • the information needed from you customer at the beginning,
  • setting up your project management,
  • announcing the new job to your team,
  • the customer kick-off meeting and agenda.
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